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Stop whatever you’re doing!

Close the door behind you - turn off your phone - get out a pen and paper and listen up!

You are about to discover one of the easiest and most reliable money making methods that help put realistic income like, $27, $135, $275, or $354 a day into your accounts on complete autopilot!

And the best part is...


I mean... Aren’t you sick of all that hype, nonsense and downright lies already?

You see, I know why you're here today and...

I’m sure that...
  You're tired of all the hype out there about online businesses.
  You know deep down in your heart that there's got to be a better way for you to make a living online.
  You've become convinced that there has to be something that you're missing to make this whole internet thing work.
  And I’m pretty darn sure, you're downright overloaded with information and being pulled in five different directions by every other 'expert' out there without a clear path to follow.



...and I’m gonna’ show you exactly how.

But before I get to that I need to be bluntly honest here...

You see, If you’re one of those people who thinks you can make $5,000 or $10,000 a day overnight before you even make your first single dollar online, then this site is NOT for you!

If you’re already making more than $7,000 a month online then this is NOT for you

If you’re looking for one of those “make believe,” lame super affiliate software programs that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams by tomorrow... then this is also NOT for you.

But if you’re a person who truly understands the concept of learning how to crawl before you can walk and learning to walk before you can run...

... and you’re willing to start making realistic income that actually pays your darn bills at first... before you start making the big money...

... then what I’m about to share with you will revolutionize your life and what you learn today alone, could put you on the fast track to making your dreams become a reality – and the best part is...’s faster and easier than you ever thought possible!


Believe me, I KNOW that there are A LOT of hype-masters, false gurus and downright scammers out there stuffing screenshots upon screenshots of crazy and obscene amounts of income down your throat...

...making your greed glands literally drool at the chance to get your hands on their latest trick or software or whatever...

And believe me I was guiltier than most people of falling for them before.

To be honest...


...over the course of my first 3 years online, but what I lost in money, I gained in knowledge.

Here’s a secret:
Did you know... Many of those supposed gurus don’t even exist?! About 80% of them are actually “pen-names” created by false gurus who ruined their reputations by selling scammy products to unsuspecting people like you and I.
Here’s another secret:
Many of the accounts you’re seeing are either falsified screenshots done in Photoshop or accounts that were built over months and even years... then they tell us, “hey, LOOK what I made in a month!”


But... today is different for you...

Because...Some of what you learn today may quite frankly blow your mind and have you wishing you had discovered this page sooner!

Today you’re going to discover how YOU can literally get started online with your own private money pages that help you...

...and yes, that’s realistic, autopilot income kind of like this...


...And you can do that while still keeping your day job safe, without anyone ever knowing...until you’re ready to quit your job!

What’s more is, you can achieve that while working only 45 to 60 minutes a day to have this method working for you... even when you're asleep or on vacation enjoying your life!

Now I know that sounds like a crazy dream come true – and believe me, I know the feeling because there ARE a lot of people online feeding you a bunch of crap just to take your money, but don’t worry I’m gonna explain EVERYTHING in a few minutes so you truly understand how REAL this actually is and exactly who I really am to begin with.

Before I do that you need to know something...

You see...


...Yet job security is at an all time low.

Another recent study showed that 84% of employees are unhappy with their current employment and plan on looking for a new job THIS year.

YES... this year!

So if you thought you were going to just go look for another job... you’re in for a VERY big shock when all that competition hits the already suffering job market.

What do you think is gonna’ happen?

Seems pretty unfair - right?

But what if I told you there was a secret strategy for getting into the elite ranks of the top income earners in the world and you can literally start it here today... and it’s as easy as saying MAYBE!

Listen, the richest people in the world all have one thing in common.

And it’s the same thing for all of them.

They all have automated income vehicles that generate an income for them - whether they work or not...

For many of them a business is their income vehicle.

For others it’s investments.  Either way, they all have these automated income vehicles generating income for them 24/7/365.

The amazing thing about that is...

And it’s not your fault if you don’t already know about fact... most people don’t know about it.

But that’s okay because I’m gonna’ tell you exactly what you need to know about it today.

These methods that can help you make more financial progress this year than the previous 5 years combined!



Sounds AMAZING - right?

Even better is the fact that you can quickly and easily get some of the largest companies in the world to practically GIVE you money and traffic daily.

This is a revolutionary approach to generating an income on the internet and the best part is...MOST of the work has already been done for you!
Plus... This method can help you go from absolutely ZERO extra income to a realistic $5,000 to $10,500 per month all on autopilot.




Notice I said, “REALISTIC,” not some pie in the sky number like these false prophets online like to show you.

Now don’t get me wrong, you CAN make A LOT more money than that OR you can make less, but I’m using those figures because that’s what we call the “magic income zone” where you start seeing some major improvements in your life both financially and emotionally...

You see, I’m going to reveal, the autopilot income blueprint we applied that in over the last 5 years alone...
Took a self help ebook from ZERO sales to over $60,000 in sales.
Helped a small personal development company from $65,000 a month to over $335,000 a month.
Helped a tiny niche gambling site from ZERO to $5,000 a month then to over $25,000 per month and at the same time we helped a guitar training site do the exact same thing.
Helped a single internet marketing site to make over $3.4 million in sales AND a it also helped relatively strange self help site make over $1.2 million in sales.
It helped a small music site from zero to over $41,000 per month in it’s first year online.
…And the list goes on and on.

I’m also going to show you a dirty secret or two about how anyone can fake traffic stats and make it look real so you can protect yourself from falling prey to them and know who is real and who is not.

Plus, I’m going to show you why paid advertising is NOT the best route for most people and what you can do about it.

And finally, I’m going to show you my proven blueprint to making your first $100 a day online then how to turn that $100 a day into a high six figure a year income!

This is the same method that helped us generate over $25 million online for ourselves and our clients.

Even better is the facts that…

It works fast.

It works in any economy.

It doesn’t t require a lot of money to get started.

It works quietly to bring money into your bank account, even if you still have a day job. (I’ll explain how in a moment)

It’s already worked for years and with this new and improved approach it will continue to work for many, MANY years to come!

Plus… it won’t matter how many people see this because this method is almost 100% competition proof!


The truth is, the less you know the better it is to become successful with this method!

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a desire to succeed at increasing your income and you’ve got everything it takes to make this work for you.

What’s more is, you DON’T need a ton of traffic to make it happen … all you need is a certain kind of traffic and its 100% free and super simple to get!

Now I know that’s super exciting, but before I get too far ahead - allow me introduce myself and my partner to you so you can get to know exactly who we are and why in the world you should listen to us.
my name is Rasheed Ali and my good friend and business partner Huey Lee and I have been making a full time living on the internet for just about 10 years now..

In fact, between Huey and I – we’ve not only been making a fulltime living online but we’ve also been  responsible for generating over $25 million dollars in revenues online for ourselves and our clients over the last 5 years alone.

But, the interesting thing about it is, it wasn’t always that way for us.

You see, not so long ago…

… of New York struggling to find a warm place to sleep in the middle of winter and to get some food in my stomach.

The picture here is of a hidden hallway in a building in one of the worst, drug infested neighborhoods in New York.

When I was lucky, I got to sleep in that hallway on the left photo… and what you’re seeing is actually better condition than it was back when I was homeless. When the hallway wasn't available, I'd try to sneak into this other one on the right.


As time passed, I was able to get back on my feet, finish school, and get a job.

The pay wasn’t much, but anything was better than nothing – right?

The problem was, I was working 12 to 14 hours a day, commuting 2 to 3 hours a day and came home with enough energy to get something to eat and go to bed…only to do it all over again the next day.

Worst yet, was the fact that I was just barely living above the poverty limit after taxes, and my credit cards were almost maxed!

Needless to say, I was pretty deep in debt.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I started my search into making money on the internet. That’s when the “magic moment” happened for me… (I’ll tell you more about it later)

…But what you should know is that once I achieved success online, I went on to become the secret "guy behind the scenes" in many internet gurus businesses - quietly pulling the strings to help them generate millions of dollars online.

So needless to say, I know a thing or two about what really works and what doesn't!

Now as for Huey, well Huey grew up a poor kid who’s parents did the best they could with what they had.

He didn’t have many of the things most kids had, but Huey was very success minded so he busted his butt, graduated college and eventually scored a high paying, executive level job in Technology.

Now that might seem great to you, but soon after working his butt off to get ahead in life…

A reality that many people are facing now too!

He realized that he had next to nothing left in his 401K,  no pension plan and his job security wasn’t looking very good either.

Even worse, his company was literally working him day and night and even kept him on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week…which when he checked the math, he was actually  making less than I was making per hour and my pay was complete CRAP!

So just like me, Huey started looking for a way out of the uncertainty and the inevitable loss of his job.

I know you’re probably wondering… why am I telling you all this?

… Right?

You see, for us it’s important for you to know exactly where we came from so you understand that we know where you’re coming from.

You may not be homeless or living in poverty or stressed about your job now, but believe me, we know how frustrated you feel when there’s bills to pay and not enough money to pay them.

…OR when people are demanding more and more of your time and work for the same pay.

Maybe you want to quit your job…

Maybe you want to make yourself financially free…

Maybe you just want to be able to pay your bills and pocket some extra cash?

We understand!

We’re real guys and we really do this for a living.

The difference is, we got fed up and did something about it… and that’s why we’re here for you today.

Here are some pictures of us with our families.


Our families are literally fed and clothed with the income we make from the internet.

Here I am at the premier of a movie I produced with the amazing director - paid for with my internet income - that will one day help MILLIONS of suffering people around the world! Do you have something you'd like ot do to help the world?

Now I want you to… Forget about all the luxurious things that most people like to brag about on their websites.

Forget about the all expense paid vacations to exotic locations and staying at four and five star hotels.

Forget about our homes being paid for with our internet income... Forget all that.

Because for us… THE most important things that we have achieved as a result of this method is we’re able to give our families the kind of lifestyle we were never able to have ourselves while we were growing up. AND we can do worthy things to help humanity!

Thanks to discovering this method, Huey and I were both able to quit our day jobs and move on to doing truly worthy things with our time and money including taking care of our friends and family.

Instead of getting pushed around on the train or bus or getting stuck in traffic commuting to work, we can stop in our kitchen, get some coffee and log on to the internet to see how much money we made overnight.

Instead of having an overbearing boss watching what time we get to work and how long we take for lunch… we can pretty much do whatever we want whenever we feel like it.  (until our wives tell us otherwise of course!)

The best part is, we can spend more time with our children than most parents can and we can and really make them feel like we truly love them and are there to protect them.

It’s really an amazing lifestyle, making your own hours and literally having a 20 second commute from your bed to your computer.

THAT is what we want YOU to have too!

We want to help you…

Besides…  It's FAST... It's Easy... It's Fun... AND… It Gives You Complete FREEDOM!

I have to warn you though…

This Method Is So Profitable We Have Over 24,533 People Currently On A Special Waiting List to Pay as much as $997 Each To Learn It!

But instead of selling it off to a bunch of people with deep pockets… we decided to level the playing field and give you an incredible opportunity to learn and apply it for yourself today!

You see, we want highly motivated people who will send us REAL success stories for this method.

The fact of the matter is, gives you the power to systematically replace your income one bill at a time!

Imagine what it would be like to… pay off your rent or your mortgage each month with your extra income, while your job income stays safely in the bank!

What would that mean to you?

A simple change like that can have such a dramatic impact on your life.  Believe me I know first-hand.

Now imagine being able to start paying off your phone bill every month, then your electricity bill, then your cable and internet bill, then all of your credit cards and still being able to buy your family the things they want!

You see… By generating income with a systematic method, you’ll become debt free in practically no time!

That’s exactly how I did it!

Let me ask you a very interesting question about making money online...

It’s the product owners of course!

Now let me ask you another very interesting question…

Who do you think works harder online?

Is it the people who own the products or the affiliate?

Yes, it’s the affiliate that works their BUTT off… so why would you spend all your precious time creating all kinds of content and link pages and such to get free traffic and links back to someone else’s money sites or product?

It doesn’t make sense when you think about it right?

You work hard to make someone else online RICH!

Sounds just like a job to me!

Isn’t that what you’re trying to get away from?

Listen, affiliate marketing is an AWESOME way to make money BUT it’s an incomplete way to make money.

Being an affiliate seems like a life of freedom and prosperity... but in the end your income is still tied to only your work...just like a job!


Affiliate marketing IS very profitable... but the truth is it’s only profitable to people who have big email lists or to people who can spend thousands of dollars on advertising!  That’s the truth.

Check this out…


All that’s about to change today because I’m gong to show you how you can become an “Owner” instantly, without any extra work on your part AND you’ll get all the free traffic you need without resorting to those spammy tactics being touted nowadays!

Here’s the startling facts…


But don’t worry… with what we’re giving you today, YOU will become one of the top 2% that get your first sale and continue on to keep your income growing…  

In fact, I believe that Huey and I can literally change that percentage to way more than 2% success rate!


In a nutshell… Autopilot Income Machines is a simple method that teaches anyone how to put your own income generating money pages that pay you directly to your Paypal or Clickbank account.

It also teaches you how to get free traffic from all over the internet to those pages quickly, easily  and consistently and then we show you how to quickly improve your results to generate the most amount of income you possibly can. 

Once you learn the AIM method here’s all you have to do:

Click Here to Download Autopilot Income Machines Today!


Remember, this is the exact, proven, and fail proof method we use to make money promoting almost any product in any niche or in any market - guaranteed.

The Autopilot Income Machines method shows you exactly how to get past the technical stuff and how to get traffic FAST!  I mean you can literally learn this today and literally have a money page up and running and ready to make money today!

You see, the Autopilot Income Machines method (AIM for short) teaches you how to uncover proven money markets (we’ve done that for you by the way) and almost immediately enter those markets with your own money page (that you didn’t create), get free traffic to that money page and start making small sums of cash like this weekly…

Interesting concept dontcha’ think?

Most of the fake gurus are too scared to show a screen shot like that, but not us.

You see, we weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths.  Funny thing is… We were lucky to have plastic spoons at one point so we understand the value of every dollar you make.

… And we’re not some new 20 year old kid who could care less about you and only after your money.

Now, you might be saying to yourself "What the HECK is $100 measly bucks gonna to do for me Rasheed?"

Listen, we don’t want to be like everyone else and show you GIGANTIC numbers just to get you to buy our program. I want you to see what’s possible and reachable for YOU...

Because once you know what’s possible, and when you have a proven method, there’s really nothing stopping you from achieving whatever you want!

Here’s another account… and as you can see that one pays some serious bills consistently and is a heck of a lot more than many people make at a job.
But okay.. if you want BIG numbers here’s some recent numbers to wet your appetite! (but only if you want us to brag)


Click the PLAY button below and view yet another Income Account of ours...


Click Here to Gain Instant Access to Autopilot Income Machines!


I'm going to show you how to make this YOUR reality too…

By the way, keep in mind that we started doing this years ago with Paypal… and Paypal still works amazingly well for this, so you don’t have to only use Clickbank to collect your sales.

We like using Clickbank because of some of the other benefits Clickbank provides.

Let me show you the AIM master plan that we taught to one of our students previously.

Here’s how simple that plan was (directly from my iPhone):



Check out the simple blueprint we made for him that helped him turn his one Autopilot Income Machine into a new $200,000 a year home business.


As you can see, that’s if at bare minimum you only made $27 a day and you only had 5 money pages.  That gives you an extra $135 a day in spendable income OR an additional $4,050 a month.

Remember, you can actually make that much income from just ONE money page, but we’re just trying to be more realistic here.  Some pages make money consistently and others will make money on some days and not on other days.

When you find a winner that does more than $100 a day… you can then use some of the advanced secrets we’ll share with you to collect on those BIG TIME!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that if you have a job and you feel like you don’t have time, don’t worry about it… like I said before… a lot of the work has already been done for you so you can concentrate on learning this method and applying it.

Our program is based on the science of accelerated learning. Not only do you get the information, but we’ll make sure it sinks in!

So here’s what you get with Autopilot Income Machines…

You get the powerful Autopilot Income Machine method online training videos.  These videos are brief, to the point – they literally take you baby step by baby step and there’s no fluff or filler so you learn what you need to learn fast and take action immediately.


You’ll learn the secret traffic strategy that lets you dominate almost ANY niche or market you choose.  We developed this method with one of the top traffic experts in the world, and you’ll see exactly what I mean as soon as you’re on the inside.


You also get 120 ready made money pages, complete with everything you need to get you started quickly. PLUS we’ll be adding more and more money pages all the time… so the stuff we give you never gets stale.

We’ll also give you our auto setup software that automates the setup of 25 of your top money pages so you can get started with the traffic secrets we reveal to you almost immediately. Hire your own programmer and easily pay $1000.

And since you’re going to need content… our team of in-house writers are constantly creating fresh, unique content for you so you never have to worry about where you’re going to get content from us over and over again. As of today there are over 250 (and counting) fresh pages of unique, unused content for you to apply to your Autopilot Income Machines. If you hired someone to do this, it would cost you $10 per unique article.

You’re also going to get the Blueprint to a Million Webinar series which is our special online training module that exposes how to turn your home business into a million dollar business that you can STILL run from home! $1,000
  • In it we’ll show you exactly how the “gurus” of the world in almost ANY industry are able to maintain their status and build their fortunes. (this is going to SHOCK some people to be honest and may change the way you view the world)
  • We’ll show you the Autopilot Income Multiplier method and in 5 minutes you’ll understand EXACTLY how to easily multiply your income month after month…
  • Plus we’ll also show you the very specific methods you MUST use to make your first million online from home. This module alone is worth $1,000 easily, but we’re including it in the Autopilot Income Machines program because we TRULY want you to be one of our biggest success stories.
Total Value of All These Extras!


Okay, you're probably wondering…


Well the truth is, we could charge what we intended to charge which was the original $997 for a high end mentoring club, but that kind of leaves almost everyone else out in the cold and it really isn’t fair to everyone.

Remember Huey and I each started with next to nothing, so we know how hard it is for you... especially with all the fakers and scammers out there.

So, we crunched some numbers with our accountant and she told us we could afford to drop it to only $297…which is pretty fair… but we thought that price was WAY too much for the average person to afford… so you’re not gonna’ pay $297 either.

Remember we’re also giving you fresh information every month where we reveal our latest tricks and tactics for making your Autopilot Income Machines even more profitable plus we’re also giving you our Blueprint to a Million advanced home business module as well AND we’re adding fresh and unique content for you to use for the traffic secrets we reveal in the program.

After a lot of consideration we decided to cut that price down to $97 despite what people are willing to pay. 

But you’re not gonna’ pay that either.

You’re not gonna’ pay $77, not even $57… grab this AMAZING opportunity today you’ll get the entire Autopilot Income Machines method complete with your monthly package updates and content for a ONE time only price of only $37.

But you HAVE to act now and Hit the Add to Cart button immediately.


As you can see, we’re not kidding around.  We believe in this and we’re willing to take all the risk and place it squarely on our shoulders so YOU can benefit and make that extra income you deserve.

Think about it… One single autopilot sale from just one of your money pages, can cover your entire investment.


Now, I have to be BLUNTLY honest here again.  As you know, Huey and I didn’t cross the $25 million mark by doing things calmly or “balanced” as they say.

We leave that kind of stuff to the self help gurus.  So over the next 2 weeks from the time you’re seeing this video we’ll be promoting this site VERY hard.

Over 100,000+ people will see this page and many of them will take action.

The second we see that the Autopilot Income Machines method has reached its maximum capacity, we’ll stop all future orders and prevent anyone else from joining.

So I highly suggest you take action today to secure your spot in the Autopilot Income Machines program before someone else gets the spot that should have been yours to begin with.

But…You know what?

To make this an even easier decision for you... we’re also going to do something extra special Fast action bonus for the first 250 people who take the bull by the horns and take action today…

So, for the next 250 people who take action immediately we’re also going to give you a special limited time gift of an additional 10 niche money pages in very lucrative markets!

…But you HAVE to act now before those pages are gone.

All you have to do is take action right now and start living life on YOUR terms.

Remember earlier I had my "magic moment" where everything changed by taking action on one little decision?



Your everyday experiences can change this very moment… starting with the decision that you make right now!

There's honestly nothing else I can say except try it for yourself.

The investment is tiny but the return could be GIGANTIC.

Truth is, you'll never know if it really works and if it really changes your life unless you try it – right?

Let me ask you this... if you did nothing… 60 days from today you'll be nothing more than 2 months older, and in the same position your are in now - right?

But if you apply the Autopilot Income Machines method beginning today, you can start experiencing amazing changes in your income.  It starts as a small trickle of sales and then it gets bigger and bigger until you’re potentially making more money in a day than you make at your job in a week!

Huey and I are NO different than you.

The only difference between us and you is that we took a few specific steps that worked for us and repeated them – then we improved them over the years.

It’s really THAT simple, so don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

If we can do it… YOU can do it too!

To your ULTIMATE Success,

P.S. – Remember, you are 100% protected by our no nonsense 60 Day guarantee.  …If you’re not satisfied, ask for a refund and you can keep all the money pages and income you make from them with no hard feelings.

P.P.S. - My friend, we REALLY want you to succeed and we’re giving you the best opportunity we possibly can to start making real money online… start paying your bills with your new internet income… then build it into an empire from there.  Click Here to get Autopilot Income Machines for only $37 today!

We honestly want to share this lifestyle with YOU and your family too.

So I hope you’ll join us on this amazing adventure.

Remember the special bonuses are only available to the first 250 people so you need to act immediately to qualify.

This is YOUR magic moment… are you a tire-kicker or an action taker?

Go ahead and take action.  Click the Add to Cart button to get your AIM account before someone else does!

Talk to ya on the other side!



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